Candid Film Lightroom Presets


This is my selection of 15 Adobe Lightroom presets (3 of them based in Black and White style) with a vintage and film touch. All are created to make your images pop out with different color grades and analog look. Adjust the correct exposure in your photography and choose your favourite preset according to the punch you want to add.

These presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom Classic and the the versions of Adobe Lightroom (although versions before the introduction of the Dehaze slider will have a slightly different appearance). Since mid-2018 Lightroom is using the XMP preset format, in order to use these presets, you need to have version 7.3 or later.

Please, make sure you have installed the correct software before purchasing it as refunds cannot be given for digital downloads.

Poppy Green
Summer Sun
Solar Power

The presets included are:

  • Summer Sun
  • Solar Power
  • Poppy Green
  • Mild Greens
  • Vintage Vibe
  • Retro Stryle
  • Vivid Touch
  • Polar Blue
  • Dark Mood
  • Black and White Silk
  • Black and White Contrast
  • Black and White Colorize
  • Film Fade
  • Film Mild
  • Film Rough

*A quick note on presets:

Many people think they turn photos into something spectacular by just abracadabra. Sorry to say, but no. It’s like clothes: sometimes they fit you nicely with shape and colour, but sometimes they make you look kind of ridiculous… Choose your image wisely 🙂