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Two burmese boys in Hsipaw, Myanmar

Portrait of a man of the desert, in Jaisalmer, India

Rajasthani woman under the moonlight, in Jaisalmer, India

Portrait of the staff of a restaurant in Mongla, Bangladesh

Girl in a traditional market of Hanoi, Vietnam

Tibetan novices tiding up the monastery, in Sikkim, India

Portrait of 2 muslim boys in front of Khairuddin Mosque, in Amritsar, India

Portrait of a Rajastani woman in Jaisalmer, India

Portrait of two Sikh men in Amritsar, India

Balinese girls in a festival, in Ubud, Bali

Women preparing funeral offerings in Bali, Ubud

Portrait of a Cambodian girl, in Angkor Wat

Portrait of a boy in a bus after crossing the border , in Bangladesh

Portrait of Buddhist monks in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Woman and daughter after praying in Leh, India


Portrait of a Polish lady in Eastern Poland

Group of Burmese girls, in Hsipaw, Myanmar

Reflections in Jodhpur, India

Train to Bago, Myanmar

Old lady in Diskit, Ladakh, India

Barber shop in Bangladesh

Burmese novices in Hsipaw, Myanmar

Trio of friends in Luang Prabang, Lao

Portrait of an Indian dancer in Lodhi Garden, Delhi, India

Family neighbours in Geneva Camp, Dhaka

Portrait of a Bengali man near Geneva Camp, in Dhaka

Boy opening doors in Sikkim, India

Portrait of a girl in a market in Bangkok, Thailand

Portrait of a Bangladeshi girl, Bangladesh

Bangladeshi boys in a tuktuk, in Eastern Bangladesh

Balinese family in Bali, near Ubud

Portrait of a Kurdish man, in Turkey

Siblings playing in a train, in Bangladesh

Girl dressed up with traditional kimono clothes, in Kyoto

Men in Amritsar, India

Reflections in Jodhpur, India


Portrait of a vietnamese grandpa with his grandson, in Hanoi, Vietnam

Burmese Buddhist novices playing around Inle Lake, Myanmar

Portrait of a Bengali baby with kohl dot to ward off 'the evil eye', Bangladesh

Thai girl in a market of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Portrait of a Kurdish man, in Turkey

Portrait of a Burmese girl, in Hpa-An, Myanmar

Bus copilot in Myanmar